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BKHODOWLA -Strona hodowli gołębi pocztowych Pietera Veenstra z linii Dolce Vita.


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Pieter Veenstra Auction ends at 748,550 euros - Miss Overegge sold for 158,000 euros

Pieter Veenstra sold all of his breeders last weekend and achieved a magnificent result with an average price of 3,342 euros for 224 birds. Miss Overegge was sold for 158,000 euros, making her the second most expensive hen ever after Dolce Vita, sold a couple of years ago by ... Pieter Veenstra.

Pieter Veenstra  224 birds 3,342 euros/pigeon!!!!
On Sunday morning, the total amount for all of Pieter Veenstra's birds was still at about 450,000 euros. In just a few hours, the amount had risen to almost 750,000 euros. At the beginning of the auction, it was already clear that the number one lot would be Miss Overegge/Sister Dolce Vita. That ace hen won 3 x 1st NPO/Provincial in only a few weeks time and had in the meantime also become the dam of a 1st NPO winner. In the end she was sold for 158,000 euros to a Chinese fancier.

The second most expensive bird was BIS sale number 4, sold for 25,000 euros to China as well. The buyer can choose between one of Dolce Vita's best brothers ever and ace racer Jappeloup.

Miss Overegge now enters the top 10 of most expensive birds ever sold. The is ranked 10th in the overall list and, as far as most expensive hens ever sold goes, she is listed 2nd after Dolce Vita.

1. Golden Prince         360,000 (Gino Clicque)
2. Bolt                  310,000 (Leo Heremans)
3. Safier Kweekkoppel    270,000 (Leo Heremans)
4. Dolce Vita            250,400 (Pieter Veenstra)
5. Nikolaas              244,000 (Casaert-Sénéchal)
6. Nieuwe Olympiade      210,000 (Leo Heremans)
7. Ouders Bolt           184,000 (Leo Heremans)
8. Euro Diamond          170,000 (Dr Hans-Peter Brockamp)
9. Gilbert               162,000 (Leo Heremans)
10. Miss Overegge/Sister Dolce Vita
  158,000 (Pieter Veenstra)
11. Blauwe Prins 156,000 (Pros Roosen)
More info:

The 224 birds were sold to 25 different countries: China (75), Taiwan (38), Iraq (24), Netherlands (21), Belgium (7), Japan (6), Thailand (6), Romania (5), USA (5), Italy (5), Poland (5), Canada (4), Iran (4), Colombia (3), France (3), UK (2), Argentina (2), South Africa (2), Australia (1), Bangladesh (1), Egypt (1), Hongary (1), Kuwait (1), Philippines (1), Turkey (1).